Study in Hungary

During the past decades it has become a convenient choice for international students to pursue their studies in Hungary. Every year more and more international students come to study in Hungary, since higher education programmes are of high standard, combined with competitive tuition fees and reasonable living costs.

In 2012/2013 20,500 international students studied in Hungary, most of them participating in study courses offered in foreign languages. According to a survey carried out by the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA), Hungary is among the most popular destinations in Europe in terms of study programmes provided in English.

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Programmes & courses in foreign languages

The BA, MA and doctoral degrees granted by Hungarian higher education institutions (HEI) are recognized in all European Union countries and partially also in other countries of the world. The large variety of Hungarian study programmes offered in foreign languages in Hungary ensures the same standards as those in west European countries. The list of foreign language BA, MA and PhD degree courses and programmes offered by Hungarian HEIs can be found on the Campus Hungary website.

To learn more about higher education opportunities for international students in Hungary, please visit our Study Finder database from the main page of this website.

Wide range of study opportunities for international students

HEIs offer a wide range of study opportunities for international students, including short study visits, exchange and short courses, as well as full degree courses in all scientific fields. In addition to degree courses, higher education institutions also offer non-degree courses for international students, such as higher-level vocational training, postgraduate specialist training courses based on a first or second degree, as well as summer universities and partial trainings in the spirit of lifelong learning.

Hungarian HEIs offer a wide variety of study and research programmes in foreign languages (on BA, MA and PhD level). From the 400 foreign language courses per academic year, 85% of them are in English and 11% are in German. The foreign language courses cover all main academic and scientific areas, including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, engineering, economics, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts and music. You can access a study finder on our website. (The Campus Hungary Study Finder database provides information on over 400 study programmes in foreign languages offered by HEIs.)

Transferable credits and credit recognition

As Hungary has been the member of the European Union since 2004, its higher education institutions are part of the European Higher Education Area, and the credits and degrees gained in Hungary are transferable to other European institutions. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), was introduced in Hungary in September 2003 to be applied in all higher education institutions.
The main objective of its introduction was to harmonize different education systems and to facilitate student mobility. As a result of this process, higher education institutions in Europe recognise credits earned in Hungarian institutions and vice versa.

Quality assurance and accreditation

Hungarian higher education institutions and courses are accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC). The HAC is an independent agency and member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE). HAC is responsible for accrediting institutions and courses, evaluating the quality of teaching and research carried out in the HEIs. Quality assurance is based on a periodically repeated assessment of the curricula, the requirements and the qualification of the academic staff in each study programme of various institutions.