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The official language is Hungarian (magyar), which is the mother tongue of the overwhelming majority (over 97%) of the population. Hungarian is a Uralic, more precisely a Finno-Ugric language. Its written form uses the Latin alphabet; in its extended variety it has 44 punctuation marks.

Learning Hungarian might be a beautifully difficult challenge for those speaking any of the Indo-European languages. For foreign students coming to Hungary there is a high number of courses offered in many languages other than Hungarian. The foreign language programmes are mainly fully in the given foreign language. (However there are certain foreign language programmes, where some Hungarian knowledge is necessary for the practice part of the programme. For example in the case of medical studies, in the hospital practice part some communication with the patients is necessary.) Then again we urge everyone to learn at least the fundamental words and expressions on the basic level: there are numerous Hungarian language courses to choose from.

Nevertheless, you may learn Hungarian either for private everyday use for the time you stay in Hungary or for joining a university course in Hungarian. In case you choose Hungarian as the language of your studies, you will be required to prove your proficiency in Hungarian before you start your studies. Candidates have the option of learning Hungarian at the Balassi Institute. Also, a one-year course is provided for those who need it as a preparatory course before they start their higher level studies in Hungarian. Balassi Institute organizes Hungarian language courses on all levels all year round for international students.

Hungarian language programmes