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You have several options to choose from when looking for public or private accommodation in Hungarian cities. You may stay in the dormitory of the university you are attending, rent a room, share a flat, or rent a whole flat on your own. Since the rent may take up more than  half of your budget, your further financial possibilities will depend greatly on your choice. Note, however, that dormitory places – meaning usually double and more rarely single bedrooms – are limited in number.

Information on private places for rent can be found in the classified columns of newspapers, on the Internet or on the notice boards of the university. In many institutions, the offices of international or foreign student affairs, or the center for student services will help you find a convenient place to stay at. Private apartment rentals are available from 50-60,000 HUF (190-230 EUR; 280-330 USD) depending on the city (Budapest being the most expensive) and on the location of the flat within the city. Rooms and flat sharing are naturally cheaper.

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