Autumn fizz

The life of the Campus Hungary team does not slow down with the coming of autumn. Leaving all the open-air festival and like programmes behind, there is a line of up-coming events in the programmes schedule. 

The title of the first up-coming event in September is the Pécs City Carnival. In a very colourful and loudly happy convoy of teams mainly the students of the Pécs University following a pre-set rout will move from the far end of the main street through the main square and along the western walking street to finally gather in front of the Catheral to end the event with some concerts. Its a multicultural event celebrating the arrival of the university students and the welcoming of the autumn semester. It is a great opportunity to start school with an outstanding celebration.
(Pécs City Carnival, 21 September 2013.)

Following the carnival the Pécs Campus Hungary team will have the chance to take part in the Pécs Days – Heritage Festival programme. During the event the visitors are welcomed by concerts, exhibitions and interactive happening sin the historic city centre and in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.
(Pécs Days – Heritage Festival, 12-22 September, 2013.)

In case these local programmes do not offer enough adventure locally, the Campus Hungary team in a joint effort with the Budapest colleagues will travel to Istanbul and to Ekaterinburg in autumn to represent the programme and Hungary on the international stage. The EAIE – European Association for International Education in Turkey, and the International Education Fair organised in Russia by the Moscow Representative Office of the European Commission are such multinational higher education events that offer a magnficent venue for the introduction of such a project like the Campus Hungary Programme.