Study finder launched

chpThe Campus Hungary team is proud to confirm that filling a great hole in the system a complex study finder has been built and launched on their website containing all the foreign language higher education programmes that have been developed for the international university and college students who wish to do their studies, whole or part, somewhere in Hungary. 

In a joint effort with all the Hungarian higher education institutions (HEIs), 74 in number all the necessary information regarding more than 400 educational programmes offered in one or more foreign languages have been collected, rendered, categorised and filled in one great chart for your convenience.

This has become the first complete and up-to-date database offering an overview of all the international programmes including all data on the host institution, the necessary requirements, the costs and funding possibilities, accommodations…etc.

Once you have made your mind up to study in Hungary, this shall be one of the first places to read through throughly. As a second step, after chosing your desired destination, you easily find the working contacts of the instituion you would like to visit, so you can get all the necessary details from a person working there from first hand.

Naturally, in case you might need some more general information you have not found at the Campus Hungary site or that of the targeted institution, we, the team of Campus Hungary are more than happy to give you advice. You can find the application here.