Admission requirements

Admission requirements for Hungarian higher education

According to the Higher Education Act, admission to Bachelor’s degree programmes and unified, undivided, long-term Master’s degree programmes is selective, with the Secondary School Leaving Certificate or its foreign equivalent as a prerequisite for admission with a few exceptions where practical examinations or aptitude tests are also required. The minimum requirement for admission to Master’s degree programmes is a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, to PhD and DLA doctoral programmes is a Master’s degree or its equivalent. Higher education institutions may link admission to Master’s and doctoral programmes to additional criteria.

According to the relevant Law, admission to the full-time Bachelor’s degree (BA) courses and unified, undivided, long-term Master’s degree courses is selective. The prerequisite of admission to any study programme in a higher education institution is:

  • a Hungarian secondary school leaving certificate,
  • or  its foreign equivalent,
  • or a degree obtained in higher education accredited or recognized in Hungary.

There are a few courses where practical examinations or aptitude tests are also required. Study programmes in the fields of music and arts require applicants to demonstrate their particular artistic abilities.

If you wish to obtain a PhD degree in Hungary, the basic requirement is to hold a university degree which is equivalent to an MA degree. The prerequisite for entering doctoral courses is an MA/MSc degree.

It is the sole responsibility of higher education institutions to update information regarding their study courses and fees in the Study Finder database, for more details please contact the institution whose programme you are interested in!

The Hungarian Equivalence and Information Centre (HEIC) – a department of the Education Authority – deals with the recognition of certificates and degrees obtained abroad, and also issues certificates about Hungarian qualifications to be used abroad.)

Your eligibility is always assessed by the Hungarian higher education institution you are applying to, so for detailed information on the admission requirements of each programme it is best to consult the website of the institution in question. If you have doubts about your eligibility, you may contact the admissions office of the institution offering the programme.

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