How to apply?

This section will provide you with some general guidelines for applying to the Hunganrian higher education system. We also have a checklist called 10 steps to studying in Hungary - you might find that a helpful page to start with.

Hungarian higher education institutions offer a wide variety of interesting degree level programmes available completely in English. You can browse through the available options in the Study Finder section of our website.

If you already know the institution and programme you wish to apply to, you can of course go directly to the website of the institution for further information. You can find the addresses in the institutions section of this site.

After getting acquainted with the basics presented on these pages, please study carefully the detailed application instructions on the admission sites of the institutions; and also you can always contact the admission offices of the institutions for advice.


Please note that is not an admissions page. This site only provides the general guidelines on issues related to studying in Hungary. For detailed information concerning your eligibility, the admission procedure or the application requirements, please contact the Admissions Office of the institution you are applying to.

 Campus Hungary Programme Office does not make any eligibility decisions on behalf of the Hungarian higher education institutions, nor do we handle any study applications. For information and advice on how, where and when to submit your study application, please see the on the admission sites of the institutions